Committees / Volunteers

Community League Committees

Committees are made of community members who have a passion for a certain component of neighbourhood wellness. These volunteers help to give direction to community league decisions. Below is a list of active committees. Please contact them if you would like to get involved!

  • Community Hub Committee - Coordinating the engagement, concept, funding, design, development and eventually operation of a community league building (hub). Review the content under the Community Hub section for more details. []

  • Civics Committee - Prioritizing matters of civic issue, such as traffic safety and housing bylaw, as they pertain to our neighbourhoods. Surveys and feedback are key, and give direction to both the community league, and our various levels of government. []

  • CleanUp Committee - Keeping our neighbourhood beautiful, clean and maintained is a priority for neighbours in our area. The committee coordinates initiatives and brings suggestions for events back to the board []

  • Asset Connections Committee - Our neighbourhood is made up of many individuals who have specific gifts and talents they wish to share with others. Other neighbours just want to participate more in any way that is needed. This committee is working on integrating these generous gifts of time and talent, and boosting ways to participate within the neighbourhood. []

  • Programs Committee - Providing direction to priority programs and events []

Help Build a sense of community

People want to contribute in different ways, and we are more than happy to accomodate any level of volunteerism! A few benefits of volunteering with the league or around the community in other ways include:

  • Gaining new skills, knowledge and experience

  • Getting to know your neighbours and building new relationships

  • A chance to socialize with others who share a similar passion and purpose

  • Getting to know the community and environment around you

Share your vision

Take a few moments to share with us your vision for the community and what you bring to it. We would really like to hear from each of you about where your personal interests, strengths and limitations lie, and what motivates you to contribute to your community!