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The Oak Hills Community League is a registered non-profit society, governed by a Board of Directors made up of volunteer neighbours who are passionate about their community. They meet monthly to discuss happenings in the community, coordinate neighbourhood programming or events, raise issues that impact their community, and plan the future of their area. The board is governed by the Oak Hills Community League Bylaws, which are available to review upon request.

OHCL Board of Directors

Current OHCL Board Members

How can I get involved/volunteer? 

Do I need specific experience to be a board member?

Above all else, we're all just neighbours here! You'll work alongside others who are motivated to build community and neighbourliness in our area. It's easy to get involved, and you can choose a role that aligns with your interests. You'll benefit from the personal development opportunity and will have access to mentoring and learning supports.

Then keep reading below to see if there is a specific role that interests you and reach out to us. Want to get a feel for it first? Ask to drop in on a board meeting, or volunteer at a specific event to get to know us better!


What is the time investment to join the board? We have a hybrid 1-2 hour meeting once a month, which you can join from home or in person. You can of course get more involved based on your personal capacity, should you choose.

What happens at monthly meetings? We coordinate events, programs, and other community initiatives for our neighbourhood. We discuss budget, new ideas, and ways to connect with neighbours.

Do I need specific experience? No, you don’t need to have experience to join. Many of our long-time board members had no prior board experience. All you need is a little passion to help us on our mission. If you do have experience or skills that relate to a certain position on our board, bonus!

What supports are available once I join? Being a non-profit board member is a great way to get access to personal & professional development opportunities like role-specific training, director summits, and online references specifically for new board members. Plus, you will get lots of support from fellow board members.

What positions are available? The current vacancies are listed above, but we often have a board members filling two roles when one role can't be left vacant. Those positions are likely also available! Sending us an email for more information is usual the best way to inquire about where we need help. 

I Want to learn more. Great! Send us an email with your questions

Board Positions - What's Involved?


Coordinates board initiatives, chairs meetings, is a spokesperson for the community league.

Strengths: Leadership, Collaboration , Public Speaking.

Skills: Event Coordination, Team Management, Community Engagement.

Vice President

Supports the president, executive committee, and performs duties of the president in their absence

Strengths: Leadership, Flexibility, Initiative.

Skills: Strategic Planning, Problem-Solving, Team Collaboration.


Schedules & coordinates board initiatives & meetings, annual returns & records 

Strengths: Organizational, Detail-oriented, Efficient.

Skills: Record Keeping, Meeting Coordination, Time Management.


Monitors & reports on expenses & revenues, budget development, and AGLC reporting

Strengths: Financial Acumen, Integrity, Analytical Thinking.

Skills: Budget Management, Financial Reporting, Regulatory Compliance.

Program Director

Coordinates and plans in-person & virtual events, programs & initiatives that support community & member goals

Strengths: Creativity, Project Management, Communication.

Skills: Event Planning, Program Development, Community Outreach.

Sports Director

Coordinates LiveActive initiatives that are sports and wellness focused, our representative to other sports & active agencies

Strengths: Passion for Sports, Team Building, Energetic.

Skills: Sports Program Coordination, Wellness Promotion, Networking.

Communications Director

Develops communications, newsletter, social media and website. Promotes community events and initiatives.

Strengths: Creative Communication, Tech-savvy, Strategic Thinking.

Skills: Social Media Management, Content Creation, Brand Messaging.

Civics Director

Liaises with City departments & council, brings awareness to civic development, transport & planning.

Strengths: Civic Knowledge, Advocacy, Networking.

Skills: Government Relations, Community Development, Policy Understanding.

Youth Director

Point of contact for youth organizations, schools and groups. Brings a youth focus to events/programs.

Strengths: Youth Engagement, Inspirational, Approachable.

Skills: Youth Program Planning, Educational Outreach, Mentorship.

Seniors Director

Brings a seniors focus to board initiatives & events. Point of contact for seniors organizations & groups.

Strengths: Empathy, Community-focused, Resourceful.

Skills: Senior Program Coordination, Networking with Senior Groups, Inclusive Planning.

Social Director

Coordinates & identifies activities & initiatives that support social wellbeing, like block parties & group activities

Strengths: Socially Engaging, Creative, Inclusive.

Skills: Event Management, Community Building, Activity Coordination.

Membership Director

Maintains membership list, coordinates membership efforts & innovations

Strengths: Detail-oriented, Persuasive, Organized.

Skills: Database Management, Membership Growth Strategies, Communication.

Occupational Health Representative

Maintains familiarity of OHS regulations, supports the board in health & safety measures for volunteers

Strengths: Safety-conscious, Regulatory Knowledge, Proactive.

Skills: OHS Compliance, Risk Assessment, Health & Safety Training

Facilities Director

Coordinates access & use of league infrastructure, its maintenance, and budget

Strengths: Organizational Skills, Problem-Solving, Attention to Detail.

Skills: Infrastructure Management, Maintenance Coordination, Budgeting.

Neighbourhood Watch Zone Leader

Liaises with EPS, safety orgs, Neighbourhood Watch Program Society. Foster community issue reporting to 311

Strengths: Community Engagement, Safety Awareness, Communication.

Skills: Liaison with Safety Organizations, Issue Reporting, Program Management.

TRAC Ambassadors

Represent our league at Terwillegar-Riverbend Advisory Council meetings, engaging with other leagues on mutual initiatives

Strengths: Diplomacy, Community Relations, Networking.

Skills: Representing the League at Council Meetings, Engaging with Other Leagues, Initiative Collaboration.