Community Hub Project
715 Leger Way

Our Journey...

Oak Hills is working through a 5 year planning process to give guidance to our programming, events and a new building,  the "Community Hub" @ 715 Leger Way. This project is in partnership with Terwillegar Riverbend Soccer Association (TRSA), the City of Edmonton (COE), the Government of Alberta (GOA), and the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL).

Check out the latest under each section and follow the timeline of the project from initial engagement to our current phase.  Have a question? Contact the Project Team

2023 - Finalizing Design & Initiating Build Phase

February 2023 - Its a new year and we continue to meet every 2 weeks. We have finalized the floor plan and layout, with just a few minor details to tweak. Expect some 3D renderings to be shared soon. Much of our recent work has been on landscape planning. Working with our landscape architect, we have a first draft completed.  See below for a few teasers that are not finalized, which are meant to provide an idea of what we are working towards. They represent a step towards a finished product as we ensure the messages we heard from our community are represented in every aspect of the design. The minute we have more detailed official sketches for you, they are going to be posted. We are beyond excited for this moment! 

Be sure to register for our 2023 Oak Hills Annual General Meeting (AGM) happening March 9th, 2023 to learn about our community league, get involved, or just to get a live update, some better views and prints of the work so far. Its a great chance to meet the volunteers working hard for you on this project! You can attend in person, or join us virtually but you will need to register in advance. 

2022 - Design Phase Initiated

December 2022 -  We continue to meet every 2 weeks with the hub advisory and design committee to go over building layout, utilization and vision. The committee is tasked with ensuring the design meets the previously determined needs, which were derived from your feedback during the past 4 years of engagement as seen below. We are starting to see the contours of the design come into view, and have a very solid layout coming together. The committee  will soon have some design sketches and 3D views ready to present to our community. We expect these to be available mid-January. Stay tuned, this will be a big announcement!!

The high-level components of the building are covered below,  but in summary...the final building will be staged in two phases.  Phase 1 (2023) will focus on medium-gathering spaces and community functions, with indoor-outdoor components, storage, food serving area/kitchen, and spaces that support our current activities such as Winter Festival, art and cooking classes, wine & paint nights, movie nights, morning café, and other events you often see around the community. Phase 2 (2025 onward) will focus on the more traditional great-hall that you often see in many communities that would support larger gathering events, weddings, larger celebrations and other catered events. Phase 2 would also be expected to have a larger commercial kitchen space, full size outdoor skate/hockey rink, lighting, a winter sport warming-shelter/change room, outdoor bathroom, and additional washroom/building areas to support a larger hall such as an expanded foyer and parking. There will be opportunities for several mini-phases in between 1 and 2, including the addition of solar and green energy services, and IT, furnishing or finishing upgrades. The phased approach is required due to the recently inflated costs of construction, but will also allow the community some time to grow into the existing space, and allow us an opportunity to demonstrate future need. 

The final components could (will?) change, but at this point Phase 1 is expected to have: 

During our engagement opportunities, we have heard that there are a lot of existing congestion and traffic issues along Leger Way at Leger Road during school pickup/drop off. There are also parking issues along Leger Way, as well as snow-clearing and pedestrian concerns. We are incorporating this into the building design, layout and land use to ensure that the building  location and flow draws parking and traffic away from those areas as much as possible. We have also been actively supporting StreetLabs in our area to help mitigate and trial innovative solutions in advance of any construction to see what works best for our community. 

November 2022 - Oak Hills President, Mike Boychuk, receives the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal for his work in the community and towards this project! In his keynote address, covering the history & roots of our neighbourhood, Mike shares the journey our community has embarked on, and how we find ourselves on course to build a community hub building in 2023. From our early roots, through initial dreams, all the way into needs assessments, business case and concept. He speaks to why community is vital to our livelihood and happiness. Have a listen...

October 2022 - We are VERY excited to report that on Oct 25th the Oak Hills Community Hub committee completed its first official design phase meeting with TR Shaw Project Management, Stanley Construction, Croy Architecture, TRSA and of course OHCL. The meeting was held at the new Knottwood Community Hall, with each future meeting to be held at a new hall/location for inspiration/ideas. Now that the design phase is in full swing, we will be meeting every 2 weeks for the next 2-3 months. The next Hub meeting is at Chappelle Gardens Social House on Nov 8th. Future meetings are being considered at the new Ridge Community Hall, Whitemud Creek, and Laurier Heights. If you know of an inspirational space for a meeting, let us know so we can check it out! 

The commitment for this project, which is Phase 1 of the overall final Hub plan, is to be shovels-in-the-ground spring 2023 with a target Phase 1 completion of Dec 30, 2023. This is ambitious, but the team is working to keep this on track and on budget ($1.54M for Phase 1 construction). Phase 1 requirements are: 1000 sqft storage (TRSA), TRSA & OHCL offices (3), General Storage space, Large gathering kitchen, mechanical, janitor and electrical rooms, Lounge, Club House, Community Garden, Interior Water Closets, Exterior accessible water closet, Lit snow mound rink, Toboggan Hill Space, Outdoor Patio/BBQ area.

Early 2022 - we have engaged a project management firm, have a stable funding model, and also have drafted an operational budget/business case to ensure the long-term success of the final product. We anticipate a shovels-in-ground date of early 2023. 

This year we will be reaching out once again to get focused and specific detailed design information from YOU! Sign up for our newsletter to keep in the loop, get involved by joining the community hub committee, or attend our AGMs and monthly board meetings for more information. 

Do you know what else is planned for the area near you, and how our community hub fits in to the larger community around us? Check out the concept map for the Bryan Anderson Athletic Grounds area. 

2020 - Major Funding Milestone Reached, Sourcing Project Manager, Architect, Builder

The Community Hub Project Committee has been working on tight timelines for grants, partnerships and other funding streams to get our anticipated Oak Hills Community Hub to detailed design phase. This has taken a lot of work by the committee, as well as the entire community league board.

We have VERY exciting news to share this month regarding approvals and funding! The community hub project has reached its mid-level funding threshold of $1.7M by being successful in both civic and provincial grants, and through partnerships with stakeholders. The community league has also received agreements for land use from the City of Edmonton at Leger park, near the playground at AJM school. 

This represents a MAJOR accomplishment and milestone for the community hub project, as the next steps will include detailed design and further community engagement.  Stay tuned by signing up for our newsletter. 

WE NEED YOU!! Get involved with the committee to support its work, or join as a member to share your vision. Email Us

See below for some conceptual sketches, layouts and graphics that will inspire our project moving forwards.

Our Lead Partners

Conceptual Sketches/Layouts

2019 - Developing our Business Case, Well-Being Survey, Project Planning

We have now establish several concepts and a business case for a community hub development in Oak Hills! Based on your extensive and ongoing feedback we have clearly heard your wants and needs to create community and sustain recreation, socialization and neighbourliness in our area. 

The community hub planning committee has been in full swing for about 1 year, and has accomplish a LOT of ground work in this time. The committee has secured grants, funding, stakeholder commitments, and developed a sound business case for the development, construction and operation of a community hub. 

The vision is for more than a building with just four walls. This will be a place of community gathering, that brings all walks of life together from all corners of our neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Our relationships span further than the boundaries of our community, and so too should the reach of our community hub. 

Want to participate or have an impact on the planning of this great feat? Send us an email and we will connect you with the hub planning committee.

We have completed our well-being impact analysis, a tool to help us develop a business case for this project and better understand our communities needs. 

Oak Hills Well-being Impact Analysis 03.19.2019.pptx

2018 - What We Heard, 5-Year Strategic Plan Developed 

OHCL What We Heard - FINAL Report (Mar 24 18).pdf

2017 - Community Neigbourhood Survey & Recreational Needs Assessment

The 2017 Programming Needs Assessment survey and consultation, which included an open house and online survey, came to a close at the end of September 2017. The feedback received during the open house and the results of the survey have been synthesized into a Tableau presentation below -- just scroll and explore! 

The board will then begin to compile the feedback results into a What We Heard document to take back to our community.

Early 2019 we will be conducting phase two of our engagement process to re-survey our community having implemented these programming needs. This second survey will be focused more directly on personal recreation needs and community well-being, with a focus being the development of our community league land allotment at Leger Park plus the refreshment of the Carter Crest playground and park space. 

2013 - Initial Discussion and Alignment of Objectives

The board began early discussions and research on how to best utilize our Community League Licensed Land area in the South East corner of Terwillegar Heights District Park (now named Bryan Anderson Athletic Grounds). Like other members of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL), Oak Hills CL has a Tripartite License Agreement for use of a site on City land. The Agreement between the City, EFCL and the Community League outlines the terms and conditions for use of the site owned by the City and occupied by a Community League. The board began aligning some of its objectives in preparation for the required needs assessment, community engagement, surveys and other steps to get the process started. 

2009 - A Beginning for Oak Hills

The Oak Hills Community League (OHCL) was founded as a not-for-profit society in 2009 by neighbours to meet the needs and interests of their community. OHCL worked to engage our community on issues and projects within our two neighbourhoods, Leger (Whitemud Oaks) and Carter Crest (Whitemud Hills). OHCL is formally recognized by the City of Edmonton as part of a network of neighbourhood-based organizations operating under the umbrella of Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL).

OHCL provides inclusive recreation and social programs such as sports, family events, community gathering, personal development opportunities, movie nights, and more. We endeavor to continue developing amenities that bring neighbours together such as a community building and grounds, rinks, playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball courts. OHCL considers its members and the community at large when advocating on issues of interest to the appropriate order of government or other organizations regarding traffic issues, new developments, housing, crime prevention, and other community issues. 

Before our community league was formed, our neighbourhood was developing...

Terwillegar Rec Centre (built 2009)
The $160-million facility at Terwillegar Drive and 23rd Avenue was Edmonton’s first new recreation centre since the Mill Woods complex opened in the early 1980s. Several of OHCLs initial board members were also key members of TRAC (Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council) which was a major player in getting the rec centre built.

Terwillegar Riverbend Advisory Council /  TRAC (formed 2003)
TRAC was formed as a society on December 1, 2003 under the direction of three active community leagues in the Terwillegar/Riverbend area at the time: Riverbend, Brookview and The Ridge. It has expanded over the years and now includes the neighborhoods of  Brander Gardens, Brookside, Bulyea Heights, Carter Crest, Falconer Heights, Haddow, Henderson Estates, Hodgson, Leger, Magrath, MacTaggart, Ogilvie Ridge, Ramsay Heights, Rhatigan Ridge, South Terwillegar, Terwillegar Gardens, Terwillegar Towne, & Greater Windermere

Leger / Whitemud Oaks (developed late 1990s - mid 2000s)
The Leger neighbourhood was named after a long serving Edmonton politician, Edmund Hugh Leger, who was first elected to City Council in 1959 and went on to serve as an alderman for 25 years.  All homes are oriented along curvilinear streets, with higher density residential developments located along arterial and collector roads in close proximity to transit routes, commercial amenities, and recreational facilities. A pedestrian and bicycle pathway system connects the residential areas with the commercial site in the southeast and the institutional and recreational amenities in the west.

Carter Crest / Whitemud Hills (developed early-mid 1990s)
Carter Crest is named after Robert I. Carter (1858-1931) who was a Canadian government agent who advised Americans on their immigration prospects to Canada. He purchased a farm in what is now Terwillegar Park, naming it Riverside Farm.  Carter Crest was designed to integrate seamlessly with surrounding residential areas, and to provide an attractive community for its residents.  Robert Carter Park, located in the northeast portion of the neighbourhood, provides residents with open space, and a system of pathways provides for efficient pedestrian and bicycle access throughout the neighbourhood.

Terwillegar Rec Centre Being Built: Photos