Street Labs 2022

Vision Zero Street Lab in Carter Crest & Leger

The Oak Hills Community League has been working with their community members and the City of Edmonton to develop a Vision Zero Street Lab. Using adaptable measures, the Street Lab addresses traffic safety concerns experienced and shared by community members. 

Community Street Lab Goal: The goal of this Street Lab is to improve safety for road users and make streets more functional for everyone, no matter how they get around the city.

What concerns have been shared by the community?
Feedback collected to inform the Street Lab identified the following concerns:

Read the Final Report for details and data breakdown

2023 Updates 

Traffic studies have shown a big improvement in key areas targeted by the Street Labs program. Specifically, the Alta Link Cooridor location (#3 on our map) was so impactful that the City will be making it a permanent installation in Jun/Jul 2023! This is supported by pre and post installation date 

"Since the installation of this traffic calming feature in the fall of 2022, the slower vehicle speeds in and around the Alta Link crosswalk location are very noticeable. During conversations with students, they feel much safer using the new two-phase crosswalk when crossing Carter Crest Way / Leger Way on their way to and from school.  This road safety feature has far exceeded our expectations by improving the pedestrian and cyclist safety for the school aged students as well as others in our OHCL neighborhood. Thank you to the Street Labs Team for suggesting this innovative approach." - Kurt Paterson, Street Labs Ambassador, Oak Hills Community League
"The Oak Hills Community League is pleased with the positive traffic safety outcomes of our 2022 OHCL Street Labs project.  During our initial assessment, we identified some key locations on Carter Crest Road, Leger Boulevard, and Leger Way that we would like for installation of future traffic calming measures. We appreciate the responsiveness and prompt action of the Street Labs Team, and their support in finding solutions to our community's traffic, cycling & pedestrian safety needs." - Brian Boswell, President, Oak Hills Community League

Street Labs Location 4
Looking west across Leger Way (LW) towards Leger Road (LR)
Note the curb extension here reduce the crossing distance and draw drivers’ attention to the crossing. It also improves both visibility on this curve (video right).

Street Labs Location 2
Travelling west on Carter Crest Road (CCR) turning left onto Carter Crest Way (CCW).
Note the parklets (video right and opposite direction), which reduce speeds , and a centre median (video left) to encourage safe turning speeds and turn radius.

What measures are being installed, and why?
This Street Lab will include the following adaptable features to improve safety or functionality:

When will the project be installed?

How did community members share their perspectives?
Engagement to collect community insights included:

These insights were used to help the City of Edmonton’s Safe Mobility Engineering Team determine which measures would best fit the needs of the community. The full engagement summary document is available on the Safe Streets Map at, or by request via email at

How can I give feedback?
An evaluation survey to gather community insights about the effectiveness of the Street Lab will be conducted in the neighbourhood after the Street Lab has been functional for three months. Three months will allow community members time to experience these installations multiple times, using multiple modes of transportation.

Thank you to our partners!
The Oak Hills Community League and the City of Edmonton would like to thank parent councils and administration from local schools: Archbishop Joseph MacNeil, Mother Margaret May, Lillian Osburne, the Whitemud Hills Homeowners Association, and all of the neighbours who took time to share their feedback and experience with us and who supported the development of the Street Lab. Working together, we can achieve our goal of Vision Zero - zero traffic related fatalities and serious injuries by 2032.

Where will the project be installed?

Details of Installation and Background

Information on Two-Stage Crossings


More information is available on the Safe Streets Map at

Community project team contact: City project team contact: