2022 Detailed Design

Project Updates
Community Hub @ 715 Leger Way

In 2022, we have engaged a project management firm, have a stable funding model, and also have drafted an operational budget/business case to ensure the long-term success of the final product. We anticipate a shovels-in-ground date of early 2023.

This year we will be reaching out once again to get focused and specific detailed design information from YOU! Sign up for our newsletter to keep in the loop, get involved by joining the community hub committee, or attend our AGMs and monthly board meetings for more information.

Do you know what else is planned for the area near you, and how our community hub fits in to the larger community around us? Check out the concept map for the Bryan Anderson Athletic Grounds area.

  • Future Edmonton Public Library (blue)

  • Future Artificial Turf Facility/Multi-sport & Track (green)

  • Future K-8 public school (yellow)

  • Future Oak Hills Community Hub (red)