2019 Planning

Community Hub Planning

We have now establish several concepts and a business case for a community hub development in Oak Hills! Based on your extensive and ongoing feedback we have clearly heard your wants and needs to create community and sustain recreation, socialization and neighbourliness in our area.

The community hub planning committee has been in full swing for about 1 year, and has accomplish a LOT of ground work in this time. The committee has secured grants, funding, stakeholder commitments, and developed a sound business case for the development, construction and operation of a community hub.

The vision is for more than a building with just four walls. This will be a place of community gathering, that brings all walks of life together from all corners of our neighbourhood and surrounding areas. Our relationships span further than the boundaries of our community, and so too should the reach of our community hub.

Want to participate or have an impact on the planning of this great feat? Send us an email and we will connect you with the hub planning committee.