2019 Engagement

Neighbourhood Engagement 2019

To give direction to the concept phase of a community hub, the Oak Hills Community League sought ongoing engagement from community residents and surrounding stakeholders through a survey and open house. Our first step in 2017 was a recreational needs assessment (survey) that provided important insights into what additional recreational and personal development opportunities you would like to see. From your input, we identified the potential need to develop a community hub, hall, centre, pavilion or 'gathering place' that might facilitate many of the personal recreational and development ideas you identified. We have also heard from some specific user groups that want to participate and contribute funding.

We conducted a second survey as a second step in the process of understanding how to best allocate our limited resources and achieve optimal returns on our investment. We wanted to know how future recreational developments would impact your personal and household well-being. Our Community League has been provided with approximately 0.81 hectares of licenced land from the City of Edmonton along with access to various sources of funding and matching grants for developing indoor/outdoor spaces for personal and recreational development. Below are the presentation boards from the 2019 Open House which also help summarize the 2019 Survey findings at the time.